Jason Chaffetz Discovers The Only Thing That Can Stop Hillary’s Campaign In Its Tracks

Keep digging. Just keep digging. That is the mantra of Jason Chaffetz and his quest to personally and professionally bury Hillary Clinton and her lies about her emails, the quid pro quo scandal, and Benghazi. In fact, he might get all 3 of those fish in the same shot through the barrel.

It has been recently reported that a “quid pro quo” reciprocal was established where FBI officials were given access and more people in countries where they shouldn’t have been in return for keeping emails “secret” on the Clinton email server. This is HUGELY illegal and now it’s being brought to light. It’s now known that Benghazi was in those emails and on that server in question which blows this thing absolutely sky high.

Hillary and her entire campaign could be torpedoed before the election.

The email at the heart of a “quid pro quo” controversy involving a senior State Department executive and the FBI contained intelligence about suspects in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, two government sources told Fox News.

Heavily redacted FBI interview summaries, known as 302s, state that Patrick Kennedy, a top lieutenant to Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, wanted to deep-six the email – which was one of two on her personal server that kick-started the FBI investigation into the mishandling of classified information on her unsecured system.

The Nov. 18, 2012 email sent to then-Secretary Clinton by aide Jake Sullivan contains the subject line “Fw:FYI – Report of arrests — possible Benghazi connection.”

It contains “B1” redactions for classified information and “B1.4D” redactions for “Foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources” — as well as “B7” redactions covering “law enforcement” activities.

The FBI files say Kennedy offered a “quid pro quo” – allowing the FBI more agents in countries where they’re forbidden, in exchange for changing the email’s “SECRET” classification. According to the documents, Kennedy wanted the record declassified and marked with a code that would shield it from public scrutiny.

The State Department confirmed Kennedy was discussing the Benghazi email in question. The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Well no kidding. They’re probably looking for an out.

Republican lawmakers believe Kennedy was going to the mat over the Benghazi email in an effort to kill the FBI investigation.

“It demands deep investigation. It’s going to take months to try to untangle this. But when you have the FBI themselves say that there was a quid pro quo negotiation that was going on to manipulate the classification of documents, that goes to the highest degree,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said this week. “And that’s why I feel so strongly that Patrick Kennedy should immediately be relieved of his position.”

We agree completely. We also think this is the smoking gun that takes down Hillary Clinton. Do you agree? If yes, share this everywhere to show the world he and her party’s corruption!

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