Joy Behar Proves How Stupid She Is

Joy Behar has made a habit bashing Donald Trump with ridiculous claims ever since he won the presidential election. However, Behar sunk to a new level of ridiculousness with what she said about him on Friday’s episode of The View.

During a recent thought-provoking interview, Trump decided to play devil’s advocate for a minute and showed some sympathy for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Behar then tried to take his quote completely out of context, but it didn’t end well for her. She’s consistently making stupid remarks, but this may take the cake.

“He’s 27 years old. His father dies, took over a regime. So say what you want, but that is not easy, especially at that age,” Trump said, according to Gossip Cop. He added that he wasn’t “giving him credit or not giving him credit,” but “that’s a very hard thing to do.”

“This guy hasn’t met a dictator he doesn’t like… And yet for Obama, not a nice word to be said,” Behar barked, begging and pleading for her cohosts to slam the president yet again.

Conservative cohost Paula Faris pointed out that Trump might be trying not to provoke Kim Jong Un to “anger,” because criticizing him “could be inflaming tensions.” Of course Joy Behar missed the point.

She never thinks with a level head. He ran with an “R” next to his name so he’s automatically evil to Behar and her minions. Trump is trying diplomacy and showing strength. All the while Behar is running off at the mouth without any kind of knowledge about what he’s actually doing. She has no patience for people that aren’t on her team.

She becomes vile and hateful instead of trying to make good points to make her side looks good. Oh well, it just makes Trump even more electable.

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